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Calendula Cream


What is calendula cream?

Calendula cream is a cream made from the oil extracted from the marigold flower. Similar in application and use to calendula oil, pure calendula cream is not as heavy and provides a soothing gentle treatment that is widely used to treat dry and chafed skin. 

The cream can be applied to small cuts, chafing, sunburn and minor burns. A thin layer applied three times a day to the affected area after cleaning will usually aid in the healing process. While there is little doubt that using calendula cream as described is effective, there is some confusion as to why it actually works. The accepted view is that chemicals contained within calendula actively stimulate new growth in tissue while simultaneously preventing swelling.

Benefits of Calendula Cream.

Besides assisting with the treatment of minor scrapes and wounds, the cream is known to deliver the following benefits to the skin

  • Acne treatment. Numerous studies have confirmed that calendula oil may be effective in treating acne vulgaris. Applying organic calendula cream to the whole face or to acne prone areas may assist in reducing the incidence of acne.
  • The treatment eczema and psoriasis
  • Calendula cream for babies nappy rash is a soothing agent. Apply a small amount of cream to the affected areas several times per day for best results.

While calendula cream is safe to apply to the skin, it is always best to do a skin patch test before trying any new skin treatment. This ensures that you will reduce the risk of having an allergic reaction.

Is calendula oil good for your face?

After doing a skin patch test and determining that you are not allergic to calendula cream, you can apply it to your face. Many people use calendula oil specifically to treat acne vulgaris outbreaks and rosacea. There are multiple ways that you can choose to apply calendula cream to your face - you can use it as a cleanser, or apply it as a spot treatment to specific areas of your face. Some people also apply a calendula face mask treatment on a weekly basis.

Does calendula lighten skin?

There are some claims that calendula acts as a skin lightener, however, there is little evidence to support this. Calendula cream , however, does repair and soften skin. It is particularly effective in moisturising dry skin and is known to soften skin texture - many of these benefits may actually help the skin to appear lighter.

Is calendula good for eczema?

Calendula is widely recommended and used as an eczema treatment. It is a soothing gentle cream that is known to soothe itchy skin, aid in wound healing, fight bacteria, ease skin irritation and pain. As such, calendula ointment it makes an ideal eczema treatment.

Before applying liberally, it is always best to do a skin patch test to ensure that you are not allergic to calendula.

Calendula cream uses are not limited to humans, if you’ve been wondering, can I use calendula cream on my dog, you most certainly can use it to treat minor cuts, abrasions and insect bites. The application of calendula cream should bring some relief to these ailments fairly quickly. There are some people who will recommend the use of calendula cream to treat internal problems such as chronic colitis and candiadisas. Other than anecdotal accounts, there is little evidence to suggest that these treatments work. In any case calendula cream or oil should never be given as in internal treatment to a pregnant dog.

Where to buy calendula cream?

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