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Carrier Oil for Massage

Carrier Oil for Massage

Carrier Oil for Massage

Carrier Oil for Massage refers to a type of massage oil that is able to carry essential oils into your body for a more efficient therapeutic experience. Carrier oils are recommended to those who are sensitive to essential oils since carrier oils can dilute essential oils when absorbed into your skin. This type of massage oils are plant based since ingredients are natural and derive from plants.

Carrier Oil is mainly used for massage and can be used along other therapeutic oils to maximise healing results.

Carrier Oils Properties

Make sure that the carrier oil of your choice will comply with your skin type. You should make sure that the oil you choose will compliment your skin and elevate healing benefits. Furthermore, you should test different carrier oils to see whether they can be absorbed into your skin or not. Aroma is also important. It would be a shame to use oils with unpleasant scents. Ensure that the smell is not too distinct or you can add essential oils to improve odor.

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