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Carwari Organic Sesame Seeds Black Unhulled 200g

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Carwari Organic Sesame Seeds Black Unhulled 200g


Sesame seeds are exceptionally rich in iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, and calcium (90 mg per tablespoon of unhulled seeds, 10 mg of hulled), and contain vitamin B1 (thiamine) and vitamin E(tocopherol).

They contain lignans, including unique content of sesamin, which are phytoestrogens with antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. Among edible oils from six plants, sesame oil had the highest antioxidant content. Sesame seeds also contain phytosterols associated with reduced levels of blood cholesterol.


Certified Organic unhulled black sesame seeds - slightly roasted as raw unhulled sesame seeds are not allowed in Australia.
May contain traces of other nuts and seeds.