Cayenne Pepper 40gr By Planet Organic

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Planet Organic is an Australian owned and operated company that prepares all its products in its purpose-built warehouse on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. It is a company that works under the promise of providing fully certified organic products that respect the health of the consumer and the planet that we live on. With a dedication to providing the highest quality items, planet organic products are 100% vegan-friendly and committed to organic integrity.

 Packaged in a BPA free 40g shaker, Cayenne Pepper by Planet Organic is a moderately hot chilli pepper belonging to the capsicum family. It is most commonly used as a hot sauce when cooking or in spicy dishes such as soups. It also goes great when making tacos and nachos. The health benefits of cayenne are wide-ranging. It can help digestion, heal an upset tummy, stop stomach pain and gas or be used as a natural remedy for cramps.

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