Chai Tea Bags 20 Bags By Hari Har Chai

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Proudly Australian owned, Hari Har produces high-quality chai tea products for the Australian and export marketplace. Established more than a decade ago in Torquay and currently situated in Byron Bay, this company operates with a dedication to supporting local farmers whilst also supporting a sustainable environment.

Chai Tea Bags by Hari Har Chai is a fully certified organic product that is free of artificial flavours. Containing cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, nutmeg, cloves and liquorice root, this product provides plenty of benefits to the consumer. These benefits include:

- can assist in the treatment of nausea due to the presence of ginger

- anti-inflammatory thanks to the use of cinnamon

- high in antioxidants which helps rid the body of free radicals that can cause cell damage.

- may reduce the risk of heart-disease, regulate blood sugar levels and stablise cholesterol due to the presence of cinnamon.

This product is packaged in a recyclable box containing 20 tea bags that are completely compostable, unlike many other mainstream teabag products, which ensures environmental sustainability.

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Certified organic black tea, blended with organic cinnamon, organic cardamom, organic ginger, organic nutmeg, organic cloves and liquorice root.