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Charcoal Toothbrush

What is a charcoal toothbrush?

As people search for more natural methods of dental hygiene, charcoal is becoming more popular and a charcoal toothbrush is part of the solution. Cleaning your teeth with charcoal paste or powder helps to clean your teeth naturally, Using a charcoal toothbrush with activated charcoal brushes helps to improve the teeth cleaning process. The brush has a similar shape and acts in much the same way as plastic synthetic brushes - the difference is that the activated charcoal brushes act as a cleaning agent instead of merely a brush.

The brushes are available as a bamboo charcoal toothbrush or the less natural plastic charcoal brush. The charcoal bamboo toothbrush is the more ecologically and environmentally conscious option as the bamboo is 100% biodegradable.

Benefits of using a charcoal toothbrush

All the benefits of using such a brush come from the charcoal infused brushes. Activated charcoal is said to benefit teeth in the following ways -:

  • Helps in absorbing plaque and removing bacteria from the mouth

  • Reduces teeth staining and whitens teeth by absorbing tannins in the mouth. Contaminants present in such things as tea, coffee, wine and cigarettes will be removed with regular brushing, making your teeth appear whiter.

  • Helps to reduce bad breath, Charcoal s a natural odour eater. It acts to naturally absorb the bacteria that cause bad breath.

Where to buy charcoal toothbrush

If you’re looking to benefit from the cleansing properties of charcoal toothbrushes, there is no better place in Australia than the Buy Organics Online website. We have carefully selected the very best and most environmentally friendly toothbrushes available. Now is the time to give your dental hygiene the natural care that an activated charcoal toothbrush offers your mouth.  Make your next toothbrush a natural charcoal toothbrush and give your mouth a natural clean - buy now from Buy Organics Online.

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