Cheeki Lunch Box Everyday 500ml

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Cheeki Lunch Box Everyday 500ml 


The Everyday lunch box by Cheeki Australia is a perfect size lunch box which is good to fit in any bag and carry on the go. The lunch box is good to carry without any fuss and to grab and go. The lunch box comes with a leak proof silicon seal which makes it good to carry fruits, salad or pasta. So, now carry what you want to have every day without any hassle.  The flip up clips make the box easy to open or close, whether it is someone old or your kids. This stainless steel lunch box is free of toxins and is stylish to carry too. This is one of the must have household products that will make carrying your meals easier and convenient. 


  • Comes with a leakproof silicon seal
  • Great to take your meals where you go
  • Made of stainless steel which is not toxic
  • A good substitute to disposable plastic boxes
  • A great reusable lunch box which is perfect for daily use
  • Easy to carry and stylish


Now carry your favourite meal wherever you go with the every day lunch box 500 ml by Cheeki. 

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