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Cheeki Silver Stainess Steel Bottle Thirsty Max 1.6L

UN - CH123


When it comes to the consumption of the recommended daily intake of water, people are often left with the need to frequently refill their undersized water bottles or to purchase a bottle of water in the local supermarket to reach the mark. This is not the case for those fortunate enough to possess ‘Thirsty Max’.

Thirsty Max are 1.6L Silver stainless steel water bottles that ensure you’ll have all the water you need with you for the busy day ahead. This wonderful Cheeki Australia product is the same height as a 1L water bottle which means it’ll comfortably fit inside your backpack and is the perfect companion for a camping trip or other environments where fresh water is often not readily available.

Made from premium food grade material, BPA free and containing no inside lining and toxic inks, this product is perfect for those who are thirsty for water!

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