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Chick Peas Organic (canned) 400g Global Organics

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GLOBAL ORGANICSChick Peas Organic (canned) 400g Buy Online

GLOBAL ORGANICSChick Peas Organic (canned) 


Let’s be honest we all love that little ingenious superfood known as the chickpea. Now thanks to the team at Global Organics products, you can stock this wonderful little product in your kitchen pantry for an instant health boost. Chickpeas contain many Benefits to the consumer including:

- Helping to control blood sugar levels

- Increasing Satiety and making a positive effect towards weight loss

- Improved digestion due to high fibre content

- Providing protection against heart disease

- Ensuring essential vitamins and minerals are consumed through the human body

- As a great source of protein it can help repair tissue

Delivered in a 400g can, Chickpeas Organic from Global Organics is certified organic and is GMO free, low GI, cholesterol free and over 98% fat free. It is perfect in salads or roasted in consumed as a snack.

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Chickpeas* (60%), Water, Sea Salt. * Certified Organic.