Chlorella Tablets 200 Tablets By Synergy Organic

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100% Organic Chlorella 200 Tablets (500mg) by Synergy Natural

Originating from a microscopic algae, chlorella is considered a wonderful superfood that provides those that consume it with many health benefits that can assist in living a healthier lifestyle. These benefits include:

- Providing more satisfactory bowel movement due to the strong digestion capabilities that it provides.

- Enhanced energy levels

- Greater detoxification and repair to damaged cells

- Strength as a weight loss aid

- Improvements to natural body odour

- Cleaner, healthier skin when used regularly

Chlorella tablets from Synergy Organic arrives in a resealable bottle that ensures freshness and can be stored conveniently in your kitchen cupboard or pantry. It comes complete with 200 easy to consume tablets. Free of added colours, preservatives and flavours and gluten-free, non-GMO and dairy free it provides great health value that will have you feeling great.

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