Chocolate Coffee Bags 10 Bags By Teeccino

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Teeccino Chocolate Coffee Bags 10 Bags - Buy Online

Teeccino Chocolate Coffee Bags Product On Sale

For a great chicory coffee hit that is caffeine free, look no further than Dark Roast Organic Chocolate from the people at Teecino. The benefits of this coffee substitute  include:

  • All-natural and caffeine free containing no chemical residue
  • Non-acidic so that it helps restore alkaline balance
  • Provides a natural boost to energy thanks to the nutrients that it possesses
  • Potassium rich which promotes good heart health
  • Prebiotic qualities that improve digestion and lead to healthier intestines.

Teecino Australia products are high in essential vitamins and minerals making it a very nutritious choice. Mildly sweet in flavour due to the presence of dates and figs, most consumers do not need to add sweeteners to Organic Dark Roast coffee even if they normally prefer a sweeter coffee flavour. The benefit of this being that this product can help reduce sugar intake leading to a slimmer, healthier waistline. This product contains 10 bags that contain 15 calories when added to a 240ml cup.

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Roasted organic carob, organic barley, organic chicory, organic ramon seeds, natural chocolate flavor, organic cocoa, chile flakes.