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Citrus Multi-Purpose Spray Cleaner 500ml By Ecostore

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Citrus Multi-Purpose Spray Cleaner 500ml By Ecostore - Buy Online

Citrus Multi-Purpose Spray Cleaner 500ml By Ecostore


We all want that “to-go” product for messes that can occur everywhere! EcoStore has you covered. With an amazing formula that is plant based AND effective. Just pick it up and spray it on hard surfaces of your home including kitchen counters, appliances and everywhere else you see fit. After the application and the wipe you are not left with nasty chemicals all over the place. No need to use chemicals for things such as cleaning the counters or other surfaces.

EcoStore’s multi-purpose spray 500ml bottle is ready for use anytime you need it with an easy to use spray mechanism that uses no metal - thing that means that is 100% recyclable, not to mention refillable! Clean any surface you need in a matter of seconds with a spray and a swipe, with a pleasant and fresh fragrance of Citrus.


Base Ingredients

Aqua · Caprylyl/Myristyl Glucoside · Decyl Glucoside · Benzyl Alcohol · Dehydroacetic Acid · Parfum · Limonene · Citric Acid