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Claytime offers pure Australian style and glamour by providing plant and mineral derived colour cosmetics for the world. Their organic products resonate with those who seek to live a life with nothing less than the virtues of truth, beauty and strength. In accordance with these virtues their products contain no nano ingredients, no GM products, are vegan friendly and Australian made. They use natural minerals, are non comedogenic, provide natural SPF and are eco-friendly. They are also cruelty free and encourage you to embrace each day with self confidence and always, to wear it with pride.

All Claytime products are 100% talc free and use Australian mineral clays, which are a wonderful mineral alternative, used for centuries by native Australians as part of sacred ceremonies. All of Claytime’s cosmetics such as ivory foundation, coal eye shadow, honey lipstick etc. are also 100% lanolin free, so instead of something derived from fatty secretions of sheep, natural botanical oils and waxes, which are 100% certified cruelty free, are used, providing a natural, healthy, special glow whenever you wear it.