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Cleansers and toners are an essential part of a healthy skin care regime. A skin cleanser clears and cleanses your skin, specifically formulated to exfoliate and remove dirt, grime and built up natural oils. Cleansers are meant to clear your skin of all impurities that clog your pores and cause blockages, which in turn cause breakouts, acne and various other skin conditions. Toners are used in conjunction with cleansers, applied afterwards, to balance the pH, remove the tougher dirt the cleanser didn’t remove, and close the pores giving your skin a smooth finish that will stay looking better for longer! They also prevent ingrown hairs and can be used as a quick and easy face wash if you don’t have time or necessary items for a proper wash.

Everyday skin is exposed to harsh environment, including wind, heat, smoke, recycled air etc. These factors make our skin dry and unhealthy. Without removing these foreign toxins any cream or moisturiser we put on to try to moisturise our skin will not be able to penetrate into your cell as the dirt and grime are blocking the way. Many people use soap to clean their faces, but soap dries your skin even more and results in flaky, unhealthy skin.

The best option for unquestionable results is a natural facial cleanser and toner. But why?

Natural cleanser and toner skin care uses ingredients that are naturally occurring and every single one has numerous benefits for your skin. Being natural they are very gentle and hydrating, and are less likely to cause reactions or adverse effects compared to other, non-natural, commercial products. Natural and organic cleansers and toners will sooth tired skin and leave you feeling refreshed and radiant.

At Buy Organics Online we have many fantastic brands, including A’kin, Andalou, Giovanni and Pure & Green, which all have a variety of cleaner and toner products. They all have various ranges using natural key ingredients such as chamomile, lemon, CoQ10, honey and lavender. So be sure to have a look at our extensive range to find the right fit for you and your skin.