Clif Bar Cool Mint Chocolate 12x68g

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Clif Bar Cool Mint Chocolate 12x68g


Clif cool mint chocolate energy bar is made with pure organic rolled oats. Clif bar is leading energy brand in united states and Canada. At Clif, they are passionate about foods giving people healthy and active lives. The fresh flavour of cool mint is topped with rich chocolate. It is also crafted to provide sustained energy during athletic performances. Clif bar recipe results in this food having a minimum glycemic acid. These bars are great for health and tasty.


  • Contains fibre
  • Contains vitamin B6 and B12
  • Sugar is included to provide moving athletes energy
  • Oats are included to provide more sustained energy


Clif bar cool mint should be taken 1 to 3 hours before exercise along with water to prevent hunger and supply energy to muscles. Can also be eaten as snacks during anytime.


Store the product in a cool and dry place. 

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  • Good source of high amount of proteins
  • Organically made products
  • No animal ingredient used
  • Nutrition for sustained energy
  • Gluten free
  • Certified organic by QAI


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