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Coco Earth Organic MCT Oil 500ml

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Organic Coconut MCT Oil 500 ml

Coco Earth Organic Coconut MCT Oil is 100 percent pure MCT oil extracted from the most potent part of the virgin coconut oil to make the best in class MCT oil and eliminates undesired fatty acids to ensure the final product retains unique healthy fats (MCTs) also known as C8 and C10. Mix with salad as dressing, coffee, shakes or yoghurt and enjoy the health benefits. It is also thermogenic, paleo and vegan diet-friendly.


  • Made from extracting the potent and healthiest part of coconut oil
  • Mix with salad as dressing, coffee, shakes or yogurt
  • Fuel for your body and brain power
  • Helps you to get into and stay in ketosis
  • Thermogenic, paleo and vegan diet-friendly