Coconut Hand Wash 250ml By Ecostore

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Coconut Hand Wash 250ml By Ecostore


Created by Malcolm and Melanie Rands, Ecostore is a company that presents consumers with a healthier environmental choice of cleaning and body care products than many of their competitors. Having identified that many everyday products consisted of way too many toxic chemicals that can cause harm to both the family and the Earth, the Rands got to work developing products that were not only absent of harmful chemicals but that would work just as well without them. The result were products that are vegan-friendly, kinder to the planet and easier to recycle.

Coconut & Vanilla Hand Wash comes in a 250ml hand pump container that is fully recyclable. Made entirely from plant-based ingredients, this product cleanses, conditions and provides nourishment for even the roughest skin without drying it out. The result is a soft, smooth skin obtained without the use of any nasty ingredients.

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