Coconut Hand Wash Refill 500ml By Ecostore

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Coconut Hand Wash Refill 500 ml by Ecostore - Buy Online

Coconut Hand Wash Refill 500ml By Ecostore


Providing the environmentally-conscious consumer with a more Earth-friendly option when it comes to bathroom and body care products is Ecostore’s goal. This New Zealand based company operates with the view that there are too many harmful toxins in many mainstream products found in the bathroom and body care aisles today. Their role is to provide the caring consumer with an alternative that is devoid of nasties but that works just as effectively as the products created by the mainstream brands. The result is a large range of products are now available that are plant-based, environmentally friendly both from an ingredient and packaging point-of-view and that are vegan-friendly.

Ecostore’s Coconut Hand Wash Refill comes in a 500ml fully recyclable container and is a wonderful way to minimise waste by not continuingly buying non-refill options. With a container made from renewable sugarcane plastic you can rest assured you are making the right choice for the environment!

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