Coconut Soap 80gr By Ecostore

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Coconut Soap 80gr By Ecostore


Ecostore is determined to provide environmentally-sustainable products that eradicate the need for toxic chemicals in favour of plant and mineral based ingredients. Based in Auckland, New Zealand this company prides itself on producing environmentally friendly bathroom and body care products that maximise the health to consumers whilst minimising the damage caused to the environment. While ensuring the ingredients in their products are beneficial and free of nasties, Ecostore is also focused on ensuring that they minimise waste by packaging their products in recyclable materials.

Coconut Soap by Ecostore comes in an 80g recyclable packet. This coconut fragranced soap provides gentle exfoliation. The soap contains vegetable oil instead of tallow ensuring that it is a vegan-friendly alternative to many mainstream choices for the consumer.  The use of plant minerals ensures that the skin is cleansed without drying it out whilst removing the naturally present protective oils.

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