Coconut Water Powder 100gr Matakana Superfoods

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Coconut Water Powder 100gr Matakana Superfoods

Coconut Water has been making waves recently as a healthier alternative to traditional sports drinks used to rehydrate after strenuous activity. With the ability to replace lost electrolytes, whilst also providing essential nutrients equivalent to those found in water, the reason for the growing popularity of coconut water is clear to see.

Coconut water provides health benefits to the consumer including: improved blood circulation, better heart health, a reduction in stress and muscle tension, a boost in energy levels and a complete body cleanse from damaging toxins.

Organic coconut water powder 100gr from Matakana Superfoods is certified organic and easy to use. Freeze dried, it makes up to 10 x 250 ml drinks. Great for use during air travel or as a healthy drink after exercising to rehydrate and replenish. You cannot go wrong with this wonderful health product.

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Organic Freeze Dried Coconut Water, Tapioca Free Flow.