Coffee Mug Silver 350ml | Cheeki

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Coffee Mug Silver 350ml | Cheeki

One of Australia’s leading manufacturers of reusable products, Cheeki Australia has a large range of high-quality products that are healthy for consumers and safe for the environment. Their range includes premium grade stainless steel water bottles and reusable coffee cups as well as jugs, shakers, food jars, travel mugs and eco-friendly bags.

Coffee Mug Silver 350ml by Cheeki is the perfect product that affords you the opportunity to purchase your morning coffee while also minimising the negative impact on the environment by ensuring your local café does not need to use a throwaway cup. The 350ml volume of the mug will fit your large latte, flat white or cappuccino with ease.

Possessing a lid that is BPA free and most importantly 100% leak proof, you’ll not regret using this product when you next step up to the front of the cue at your favourite café. Made from premium food grade 304 stainless steel to ensure long-last ability.

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