Colloidal Minerals 500ml By T.J Clark

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Colloidal Minerals 500 ml - T.J Clack



Our diet nowadays undoubtedly compromises our body and health. Even with a healthy meal, we aren’t able to get all the substances our body needs. For example, the minerals from our food are becoming rarer and rarer. The soil from which we get are food is slowly being demineralised due to the intensive farming. 


TJ Clark Colloidal Minerals is here to balance our natural chemical production. Its formula contains up to 70 minerals, all of which are naturally occurring elements, in trace amounts. It is a non-toxic formula that will help you enhance your other dietary supplements for maximum bio-activity and increase flow of vital energy. Plant-source trace minerals also make it easier for vitamins to be absorbed. You can keep your body healthier as you will have more balanced diet.


Some of the things trace minerals can do to our body:

  • Iron: It can fortify our immune system and keep it at healthy
  • Fluoride: Makes your bones your teeth stronger
  • Molybdenum: It promotes a healthy nervous system and it helps our body to create protein
  • Iodine: Regulates the thyroid
  • Boron: It helps the body to use calcium correctly, build bones, muscle tissue and also stimulate the nervous system.


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