Colloidal Silver (Ag) 500ml By T.J Clark

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The advantages of using Colloidal Silver as a natural antibiotic are wide and varied. The benefits include in the treatment of rashes, burns, acne, eczema and other skin blemishes. In addition, it is useful to prevent cold and flu, pneumonia and many other viral infections. Furthermore, it is a useful aid in treating fungi infections such as tinea and jock itch.  There are many ways that it can be administered so make sure to browse our colloidal silver Australia complete range.

Available in Australia since the mid-1990s, TJ Clark Colloidal Silver is designed to protect the immune system and to aid healing for a range of bacterial infections, fungi infections and viruses. Made with Ecovortex Energised Water and containing silver particles this product comes in 500ml bottle form and is the perfect addition to any home remedy collection. This product is GMO free, sulphate free, gluten-free and suitable for vegans.

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T.J. CLARK Colloidal Silver (Ag) 500ml