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Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray

Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray

What is Colloidal silver nasal spray?

Colloidal silver is a liquid solution containing tiny particles of silver suspended in water. It has been used for centuries in health and wellness circles and is considered to be antibacterial, Provided that it is used in small doses, colloidal silver is considered to be safe to use. Given its antibacterial properties, colloidal silver is perfectly suited to a nasal spray.

People who suffer from regular sinus infections may find that a colloidal silver nasal spray treatment can alleviate their symptoms.

What does colloidal silver nasal spray do?

Proponents of its use claim that colloidal silver nasal spray can help allergy sufferers in the following ways:

  1. As colloidal silver is a natural anti-inflammatory, it can help to soothe sore, irritated nasal passages. This can also help to ease referred sinus pain which often manifests as headaches.

  2. Antibacterial properties can help neutralise infections in the nasal passages and perhaps prevent further infection

  3. It may help to clear up ear and throat infections. 

Advocates of colloidal silver nasal spray is an effective, non-toxic way of relieving discomfort.  They argue that this spray is more beneficial to sinus and hay fever sufferers than pharmaceuticals or costly surgical procedures. Colloidal silver proponents suggest that this type of nasal spray treats the source of the problem rather than the symptoms. 

Side effects of colloidal silver nasal spray.

If used for prolonged periods, colloidal silver can be potentially harmful. Some medical authorities have warned of the dangers of colloidal silver, most notably the skin taking on a bluish hue if people are exposed to too much of it. The condition, although not lethal, is irreversible in most cases.

On rare occasions, ingestion of colloidal silver has led to kidney damage if taken in high enough doses. 

How to use colloidal silver nasal spray.

Using a colloidal silver nasal spray is not limited to your nose. Provided that you exercise some common sense and don’t go overboard, you can use the nasal spray in a variety of ways.  

The spray can be used in your ear, but care should be taken not to flood the ear as this will cause discomfort. To use the nasal spray the following procedures are recommended to treat these common ailments.

  • To treat conditions such as sinusitis, colds and flu, spray the colloidal silver directly up each nostril. To ensure good coverage, sniff the spray up. Repeat this process at least six times per day. 

  • To guard against infection by airborne pathogens in crowded places like air-conditioned workplaces or public transport, spray and sniff up each nostril every two to three hours.

  • To control hay fever use the spray once in the morning. 

Where to Buy Colloidal Silver in Australia

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