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Concord Reishi Detox Green Tea x 18 Tea Bags


Concord Reishi Detox Green Tea x 18 Tea Bags

In Green tea, EGCG is a critical natural antioxidant which produces may health benefits. By using specific delivery technology, this tea may deliver optimal EGCG antioxidants. It also contains extracts from Reishi and Cordyceps mushrooms, which presents
health benefits beyond Green tea alone.

  • Strong antioxidant formula
  • No preservatives, artificial colours or GMO's
  • 100% natural
  • Double strength


Green Tea, Reishi (Ganoderma) extract, Cordyceps

Direction For Use:

Mix with 300ml hot water for each pack. It can be served hot or cold.


Read & follow directions carefully.
Do not use if you have or develop diarrhoea or abdominal pain.
Consult your Healthcare Professional if you have frequent diarrhoea, are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication or have a
medical condition before using this product.

Storage Conditions:

Keep in a cool dry place below 30°C