Cordials – Feel refreshed

Cordials are the refreshing concentrated juices, similar to squash, that you mix with water and give it an immediate fruity flavor. You can satisfy your thirst with different fruit cordials as a soft drink replacement since you get similar taste with less the calories and sugar. Some compare cordials with liquors while they both have similar consistency, cordials are non-alcoholic and have less sugar added. Cordials, similar to liquors, are a great adding to your cocktails, if you want to enjoy a nice refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail. Their consistency is also similar to syrups.

Organic Cordials vs Non-Organic Cordials

Organic cordials are even better than regular ones since there are no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives added in the concentrated juice.

Organic Cordials are also free of gluten and once water is added, they contain half the sugar in comparison to soft drinks. They are also dairy-free which is perfect for vegans and those who are lactose intolerant.

Organic Cordials are free of preservatives and instead contain citric acid or tartaric which both act as natural preservatives and can be both purchased from any health store. There are Organic Cordials that avoid the use of these two ingredients.

The colour of the concentrated drink derives directly from the fruit or from added vegetable extract. This ensures that cordials are 100% pure with no artificial colours added in the drink rather than the fruits’ very own colour.

Organic Cordials Usage

You can add your organic cordial flavor of choice to desserts, cocktails or even as an added flavor in sparkling wines. You can simply replace syrup with organic cordials and enjoy the fruity deliciousness minus the calories, added preservatives and artificial colours. You can also dilute it with still or sparkling water and have a great refreshing drink on a hot day.

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