Cranberry Juice Organic 946mL Lakewood

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Lakewood Cranberry Juice Organic 946 mL - Buy Online

Start your day with the refreshing smell of cranberry, keeping you energetic and boosted all day. LAKEWOOD cranberry juice is 100% organic. It is prepared with the best organic ingredients available, even some of them are imported. It is an important sources of vitamin C and vitamin E. no additive sugar, no harmful preservatives, and no artificial ingredients. It will help you build up your metabolism. Helps you cure respiratory infections. Also helps in preventing tooth decay and other vitamin C related problems as it is very good source of vitamin C.

  • Prepared with fresh juicy Cranberries
  •  Craves you every morning to open the bottle and drink it all in one.
  • Rich source of vitamins
  • No added flavour or preservative
  • No added sugar


The juice is a great source of many nutrients and minerals. Cranberries are scientifically proven to reduce risk of cardiovascular disease. It helps in reducing problems like stroke, hypertension, and obesity


Fresh Pressed juice and puree from Certified organic cranberries