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Crystal Deodorant

Crystal Deodorant

What is Crystal Deodorant?

If you aren’t happy with chemical based deodorants and are looking for a natural alternative, then crystal deodorant may be the perfect choice for you.  It is a type of natural deodorant made from potassium alum which is a mineral salt. This salt has been demonstrated to have antimicrobial properties and has been used as a deodorant in South East Asia for centuries.

The deodorant can be purchased in stone, roll on or spray format.  It is best applied immediately after showering when your body is still slightly damp.

Benefits of Crystal Body Deodorant

People are attracted to using natural crystal deodorant primarily because they wish to limit their exposure to chemicals.  Many off the shelf deodorants contain chemicals in various quantities and a lot of people choose to avoid these chemicals wherever possible.  In addition to addressing these concerns natural deodorant crystal offers the following benefits -:

  • This odourless product does not contain any chemicals that microorganisms love to live in – keeping your underarms free from bacteria that is known to produce unpleasant odours.

  • If cared for properly, a crystal body deodorant stone cam last for up to one year

  • Unlike synthetic deodorants, crystal natural deodorant will not stain your clothes

  • As the product occurs naturally, you can be assured that no animals were mistreated in the making of the product

  • It is safe for people who suffer from skin reactions or irritations

Where to Buy Crystal Deodorant Australia

The best way to get quality crystal deodorant products is to make use of the Buy Organics Online website.  Our range of products has been acquired from the most reliable and trusted suppliers of crystal deodorant products.  If you are looking to find a deodorant that has no negative chemical effects then crystal deodorant makes an excellent choice - buy your organic crystal body deodorant from Buy Organics Online now


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