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Dairy Free Protein Powder

Why choose dairy free protein powder?

Protein powder is becoming more and more popular with athletes, bodybuilders and people looking to lose weight or on occasion supplement their protein intake. Protein powders make great dietary supplements as they support nutrition levels and enhance muscle and tissue recovery.

Most protein powders use whey protein powder which is obtained from cow’s milk. This is obviously not suitable for those who experience lactose intolerance or who make a conscious decision not to consume animal products (vegans). Fortunately there are a selection of quality organic dairy free protein powder products available for the lactose intolerant and vegan consumer.

Real Benefits of Dairy Free Protein Powder Australia Can Rely On

Gluten and dairy free protein powder products are  particularly useful for 

  • Adding  protein and nutrients to a meal snack or drink

  • To make up for protein deficiencies in the diet

  • To replenish energy levels after a workout or strenuous exercise 

  • To meet protein requirements if a liquid diet is necessary

  • To help build muscle mass for weightlifters and athletes

Additionally, protein powder made from soy will help to reduce cholesterol and may help to reduce post menopausal symptoms. Non protei powder made from peas may reduce blood pressure and helps to reduce hunger cravings.

You can gain all of these benefits of protein powder while sticking to your dietary needs and/or chosen path.  

Dairy free protein powder Australia can buy locally online

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