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Decaf Coffee Beans

What are decaf coffee beans?

Decaf coffee beans are natural coffee beans that have had almost all of the caffeine removed from them. Some people prefer to enjoy the taste of coffee without consuming the caffeine that is contained in normal coffee beans. Coffee beans are decaffeinated in a process that effectively strips the beans of their caffeine. Organic decaf coffee beans as the name suggest are coffee beans that have been grown without the aid of chemicals or pesticides and then been put through the decaffeination process.

Decaf coffee beans are not entirely caffeine free. A cup of coffee brewed from decaf beans will contain approximately three milligrams of coffee. This is a miniscule amount compared to a regular cup of coffee which will contain between seventy and one hundred and forty millilitres of caffeine.

What are the benefits of drinking decaffeinated coffee?

Drinking decaffeinated coffee will help to reduce heartburn or acid reflux that drinking normal coffee sometimes causes. It also protects people who are particularly susceptible to the effects of caffeine.

Besides these benefits, decaf coffee retains many of the surprising benefits that coffee has. These benefits include:

  • Coffee is a rich source of antioxidants and in fact may be the largest source of antioxidants in Western diets.Decaf coffee retains most of its antioxidants throughout the decaf process.

  • Decaf coffee is rich in vital nutrients. One cup will contain healthy servings of magnesium, potassium, niacin and vitamin B3.

  • May reduce the risk of contracting type 2 diabetes

  • There may be a link to reduced risk of alzheimer's disease (although more research has to be done in this area.)

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