Delicates & Wool Wash 500ml By Ecostore

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Delicates & Wool Wash 500ml By Ecostore - Buy Online

Delicates & Wool Wash 500ml By Ecostore


Started by Malcolm and Melanie Rands in 1993, Ecostore in a New Zealand company that prides itself on delivering bathroom and body care products that are environmentally friendly both in content and packaging. With a strong emphasis placed on delivering to consumers a product that is absent of toxic chemicals and rich with plant and mineral ingredients, Ecostore continues to produce great products for the environmentally-conscious individual or family. Proudly carrying the PETA logo, all products made come with a guarantee that they have not been tested on animals.

Delicates and Wool Wash by Ecostore comes in a 500ml fully recyclable container. It is designed to clean and protect delicate fabrics including lace, merino and silk. Suitable for use on both front and top loaders, this product is super concentrated with no fillers or bulking agents present.  There are 14 washes per pack available.

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