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Detox Foot Pads

Detox Foot Pads

What are Detox Foot Pads?

Detox foot pads are foot pads that are usually stuck to the feet prior to going to bed. The ingredients in herbal detox foot pads are meant to draw toxins in the body through the soles of the feet while simultaneously improving blood circulation.

The sole of the foot is the place where many nerve endings are located, making it a logical place to extract waste and toxins. This is the broad idea of how and why foot pads work However, the methods will vary between foot pad brands. 

Detox foot pads have been used for centuries in Asia. However, there is very little evidence of clinical studies of the effectiveness of detox foot pads. There is, however, a plethora of anecdotal evidence suggesting that something is happening when people use detox foot pads. The apparent conflict between research and anecdotal evidence is muddied even further by the range of detox foot pads available. As with many other traditional health care products, there are no standards or regulations to abide by, For this reason, it is recommended that you purchase detox foot pads from reputable suppliers who have chosen their products with care and have a commitment to customer service.

So, how do detox foot pads work?

In a practical sense the mechanics of detox foot pads is quite simple.:

  • Adhesive strips are placed on the soles of each foot prior to going to bed.

  • The pads are then removed in the morning. 

  • The pads will have taken on a darker color overnight - seeming proof that toxins have been drawn from the body overnight. 

The assertion since ancient times has been that the herbal ingredients contained in the foot pads actively leach toxins from the body. 

What are the benefits of Detox Foot Pads?

As mentioned previously, detox foot pad benefits are largely anecdotal in nature. However, there are numerous attestations staging that herbal foot detox pads have delivered the following benefits.

  • Improved sleep. Quality sleep is really important during a detox session as the body is able to heal faster. 

  • More Boosted energy levels, particularly after the use of the foot pads for a period of seven or more days.

  • A gentle detoxifying and cleansing process. Many other detox programs can lead to a rush of toxins being released into the body, causing feelings of sickness in the short term. This does not appear to be the case when assessing detox foot pads reviews. 

What is the active ingredient in Detox Foot Pads?

Most different brands of detox foot pads will have a slightly different list of herbal ingredients. Byron Bay Detox foot patches contain a blend of organic bamboo, tourmaline (emits negative ions), ascorbic acid, orange oil and various plant extracts such as loquat and chameleon.

Where to buy Detox Foot Pads in Australia?

If you have been looking to buy detox foot pads that have been manufactured using organic natural products then you will find all you need at Buy Organics Online. Choose the very best organic detox foot pads from our website and start your detox program today. Get your supply from Buy Organics Online now. 

Detox Foot Pads reviews?

If you spend a little time browsing online you will fine a lot of conflicting reviews about the effectiveness of detox foot pads. Ultimately, you will need to make a choice based upon either positive anecdotal evidence or skeptical reviews from reviewers who may or may not have tried the product.


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