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Dr Bronner's Cherry Blossom Range

Dr Bronner's Cherry Blossom Range

Dr. Bronner’s Cherry Blossom range is here to bring some flowery scent in your house, yourself and your family. Not only that, these soaps can be repurposed in 18 different ways due to its unique castile soap mixture and packaging. All liquid soaps are stored in 100% recyclable materials.

Dr Bronners Cherry Blossom Castile Soap Ingredients

Rich in essential and organically produced oils, the Dr. Bronner’s Cherry Blossom Castile Soap leaves a smooth and clean feeling on your skin. Organic coconut and hemp oil are the main ingredients that make it stand out from other organic soaps and keep your skin well-preserved and moisture.

It can also be used as a washing soap for around the house and washing your pets.