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Dr Bronner's Sandalwood & Jasmine

Dr Bronner’s stepped it up with its Sandalwood and Jasmine scented Pure-Castile soaps. Infused with the many benefits of the Sandalwood and Jasmine oils, these soaps are all you need to relax and smell good at the same time. The Sandalwood oil apart from providing an intensive fragrance, it is also perfect due to its memory boosting abilities. The Jasmine oil blends perfectly with the Sandalwood scent while improving your mood and acting as a stress relief.

Dr Bronners Sandalwood and Jasmine all-in-one

Dr Bronner’s Sandalwood and Jasmine scented products are also great for their antiseptic abilities. That being said, these soaps are great for any cleaning task. That includes personal use on your body and hair and also for around the house and your pets! They are an all-in-one product for everyone.