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The number one ingredient in all of Dr. Organic Hand Wash Products is Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is well known for its soothing and calming effects and as such is a perfect ingredient for use in skin care products. Aloe’s beneficial components, make it ideally suited for use in products intended to soothe and calm sensitive, delicate and dry skin. Frequent hand washing without moisturising agents like aloe can lead to dry skin that flakes and cracks, itches and even burns. The natural enzymes, minerals and vitamins in Aloe balance out the harsher ingredients used to cleanse the skin. There’s no better way to keep your hands soft and smooth than with products that contain Aloe Vera. As an added bonus, along with the natural moisturising capability of aloe, it has antibacterial properties that won’t dry your skin the way synthetic chemicals can. All Dr. Organic Hand Wash Products kill 99.9% of germs naturally. 

All of Dr. Organic Hand Washes contain Glycerin, another all natural ingredient that supports healthy well moisturised skin. Glycerin is thought to be a humectant, which means that it can attract and retain water. Due to this quality, glycerin soaps attract moisture to your skin and keep it locked in. This provides your skin with constant hydration. Unlike some soaps that dry your skin out and make it feel tight and dry, glycerin soap keeps your skin feeling more hydrated for several hours after use. Using glycerin soap on a regular basis can help your skin become softer and suppler. For skin that’s sensitive and in need of restoration and protection, try Dr. Organic Aloe Vera Hand Wash. For a more fragrant, conditioning, and balancing experience, try Dr. Organic Lavender Hand Wash.     

Dr. Organic Commitment:

Dr. Organic is dedicated to creating unique, natural products which are functional by design and formulated to capture the key active properties of the featured ingredient within a product range. They source a wide variety of accredited and certified organic ingredients from around the World including; 1.) organic aloe vera, which replaces the majority of water in products that are not oil based, 2.) a variety of organic plant oils, butters and extracts that are used throughout all the product ranges, and 3.) emulsifiers, emollients and preservatives permitted by Organic Cosmetics Standard .

 The Dr. Organic Promise:

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