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Dr Organic Hemp Oil



Dr. Organic Hemp Oil Products

 Benefits of Hemp Oil:

  • Repairs Skin & Gives It A Healthy Glow

  • Retains Moisture Content Of Skin

  • Anti-Aging

  • Skin Regenerative

  • Anti- Inflammatory

  • Moisturises The Scalp And Hair

  • Stimulates Hair Growth

  • Strengthens Hair To Prevent Breakage

Regenerates And Energizes Skin’s Protective Layer:

Rich in Essential Fatty Acids and the Super Antioxidant Vitamin E, Hemp oil is an excellent natural emollient and moisturiser for the skin. Due to its high content and optimal ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6, Hemp Oil has a composition similar to skin lipids which is especially useful for dry, tired or dehydrated skin and nails. The correct ratio of essential fatty acids is necessary for healthy cell production and overall good skin health. Hemp Oil can also help to prevent moisture loss in the skin, maintaining a hydrated balance, aiding in the prevention of premature aging. It can also be useful in alleviating certain skin conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis. For super hydration and concentrated treatment for your skin and delicate eye area, try Dr. Organic Hemp Oil 24 Hour Rescue Cream and Dr. Organic Hemp Oil Intensive Eye Serum.  

Moisturises The Scalp and Hair:

One of the benefits of Hemp Oil for hair is its moisturising property. Hemp Oil will prevent water loss and inject moisture into the hair and scalp and since it’s easily absorbed it doesn’t leave a sticky, oily residue. Hemp Oil can also stimulate hair growth by improving blood circulation on the scalp, ensuring that the hair follicles are nourished enough to support hair growth. When hair is excessively dry it becomes weak and breaks easily. Due to its hydrating ability, Hemp Oil is able to help hair maintain its natural texture and strength. If you need a fortifying, replenishing and gentle conditioning try, Dr. Organic Hemp Oil (2 in 1) Shampoo & Conditioner. Or for a stimulating treatment mousse for healthy hair growth, try Dr. Organic Hemp Oil Restoring Hair & Scalp Treatment.

Dr. Organic Commitment:

Dr. Organic is dedicated to creating unique, natural products which are functional by design and formulated to capture the key active properties of the featured ingredient within a product range. They source a wide variety of accredited and certified organic ingredients from around the World including; 1.) Organic aloe vera, which replaces the majority of water in products that are not oil based, 2.) A variety of organic plant oils, butters and extracts that are used throughout all the product ranges, and 3.) Emulsifiers, emollients and preservatives permitted by Organic Cosmetics Standard.

The Dr. Organic Promise:

  • Organic Ingredients: We strive to use organically grown ingredients. When an organic ingredient cannot be used we always source sustainable natural alternatives.

  • Bioactive Ingredients: We use certified bioactive extracts to ensure each product is truly functional by nature.

  • No Harsh Chemicals: We do not use ingredients often criticised for their side effects. We never use parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) perfumes or artificial fragrances.

  • No Animal Ingredients: All our products are suitable for vegetarians. In some instances we use by- products from animals such as snail gel or as in the case of bee’s wax, honey, propolis, and royal jelly.  

  • No Animal Testing: Our Products are always tested on human volunteers to ensure they are entirely safe and effective. No animal tests are ever performed on finished products or raw materials.

  • No Mineral Oils: Petro-chemicals such as paraffin and petroleum are avoided, plant based oils and extracts are used.

  • No GM Ingredients: Genetically modified or genetically engineered organisms are avoided to ensure all formulations are as natural as possible.

  • Preservatives: Where necessary preservatives are used to guarantee product safety and shelf life. Only the highest grade broad spectrum naturally derived preservatives are used.

Shop with BuyOrganicsOnline for all your Dr. Organic Personal Care Products

  • Dr. Organic, Hemp Oil 2 In 1 Shampoo & Conditioner 265ml
  • Dr. Organic, Hemp Oil 24 Hour Rescue Cream 50ml
  • Dr. Organic, Hemp Oil Body Wash 250ml
    Dr Organic Hemp Oil Body Wash 250ml
    $14.95 $11.21

  • Dr. Organic, Hemp Oil Intensive Eye Serum 15ml
  • Dr. Organic, Hemp Oil Intensive Hand & Nail Treatment 100ml
  • Dr. Organic, Hemp Oil Rescue & Restore Conditioner 265ml
  • Dr. Organic, Hemp Oil Rescue & Restore Shampoo 265ml
  • Dr. Organic, Hemp Oil Restoring Hair & Scalp Treatment 150ml
  • Dr. Organic, Hemp Oil Roll-On Deodorant 50ml
  • Dr. Organic, Hemp Oil Skin Lotion 200ml
  • DR ORGANIC Intensive Conditioning Hair Mask Organic Hemp Oil 200ml

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