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Benefits of Snail Gel:

Snail Gel boosts a wide range of anti-aging benefits including softened wrinkles, smoother skin, antioxidant protection and improved hydration. Dr. Organic combines Snail Gel’s unique ingredient helix aspersa muller with organic Aloe Vera and a blend of bioactive plant ingredients to formulate innovative skincare products. Helix aspera muller is naturally produced by snails to quickly regenerate their own shells and skin when damaged. All of Dr.Organic’s Snail Gel range products are specifically designed to hydrate, soothe and moisturize the skin, helping to develop a natural youthful glow.

Discovered by chance by snail farmers in Chile, the unique healing power of the snail’s mucus secretion were found to leave hands incredibly soft and hydrated while healing minor cuts and scars unusually quickly. Laboratory analysis found that the secretions contained high levels of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin and anti-bacterial substances that all have beneficial medicinal, smoothing and purifying effects on human skin.

How Dr. Organic Snail Gel Is Made:

This gel is produced from snails that are farmed humanly under certified organic conditions and are free to roam. On their travels, they move over glass or plastic panels which are used to safely collect the mucus secretion, which is then filtered and concentrated by vacuum evaporation to reduce its water content. Lastly, a mild preservative is added to maintain its shelf life.  

Dr. Organic Commitment:

Dr. Organic is dedicated to creating unique, natural products which are functional by design and formulated to capture the key active properties of the featured ingredient within a product range. They source a wide variety of accredited and certified organic ingredients from around the World including; 1.) organic aloe vera, which replaces the majority of water in products that are not oil based, 2.) a variety of organic plant oils, butters and extracts that are used throughout all the product ranges, and 3.) emulsifiers, emollients and preservatives permitted by Organic Cosmetics Standard .

 The Dr. Organic Promise:

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