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 Benefits of Pomegranate:

Its intense combination of beneficial properties, make Pomegranate a highly effective natural active ingredient perfectly suited for use in skincare products. Due to its high antioxidant content its ideal for the treatment of wrinkles and other aging skin issues. It revitalizes, nourishes and moisturises dry, dehydrated and mature skin. Additionally, it helps to strengthen and protect hair from oxidative damage. The anti-inflammatory properties of Pomegranate calm and sooth irritation and redness of the skin. By assisting nutrient conversion directly into the skin and hair cells, it helps to accelerate the process of cellular regeneration and rejuvenation.

Called the lucky fruit by the Chinese, and thought by the ancient Egyptians to be responsible for eternal life, the Pomegranate fruit is highly revered in many cultures due to its extraordinary nutritional content. The antioxidants in the fruit help to protect your skin from the damaging effects of sunlight. The fruit can also help to prolong the life of cells in your body that produce collagen and elastin, two proteins that keep your skin looking youthful. Try Dr. Organic Pomegranate Anti-Aging Cream to quickly restore moisturise and bring new life to dry and cracked skin. Lastly, Punicic Acid, the main Fatty Acid found in pomegranates, helps to strengthen hair to make it thick and healthier. It also increases the blood circulation to your scalp, which improves the condition of hair follicles and stimulates hair growth.

Try Dr. Organic Pomegranate Shampoo and Conditioner to restore the natural beauty of your hair.

Dr. Organic Commitment:

Dr. Organic is dedicated to creating unique, natural products which are functional by design and formulated to capture the key active properties of the featured ingredient within a product range. They source a wide variety of accredited and certified organic ingredients from around the World including; 1.) organic aloe vera, which replaces the majority of water in products that are not oil based, 2.) a variety of organic plant oils, butters and extracts that are used throughout all the product ranges, and 3.) emulsifiers, emollients and preservatives permitted by Organic Cosmetics Standard . 

 The Dr. Organic Promise:

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