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The Dr Red brand was created by innovative biochemist Greg Jardine. He began his scientific career as a synthetic organic chemist and developed pharmaceutical candidates for a gall bladder study. This amazing range of organic products focuses on nutraceuticals that are produced using Modified Polyphenol Technology™ or (MPT™).

Most people are familiar with this strategy with foods such as tomato. Cooking fresh tomato renders it 4 times more effective, as the antioxidant lycopene is altered to become more fat soluble and therefore more bioavailable and absorbable by our bodies. And so, tomato paste is believed to be more healthful than eating fresh tomatoes.

Thus, Dr Red's Modified Polyphenol Technology™ (MPT™) allows foods rich in water-soluble polyphenol antioxidants, to be processed naturally whereby these antioxidants become more fat-soluble, hence more bioavailable. This is essentially a gentle ageing process with antioxidant rich foods that deliver noticeable benefits. Dr Red Nutraceuticals is going to cook up a storm with Modified Polyphenol Technology™ (MPT™). It’s no secret that processed foods have received considerable bad press over recent years, but perhaps Dr Red is the "storm in a teacup" we have all been waiting for.