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Ear Drops

Ear Drops

What are Natural Ear drops and how do they work?

Natural ear drops are a form of treatment used to soften and dissolve ear wax. Natural ear drops are generally oil or water based and can be used as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with ear candle treatment, syringing or irrigation.

Ear drops work by thinning and softening ear wax to the point where it can effectively dissolve. In addition, natural ear drops provide lubrication for the outer layer of skin that lines the ear canal that ensures any wax present can be expelled out of the ear.

Ear drops as a form of first aid

When foreign bodies invade the inner ear, there can sometimes be an urgent need to expel these particles quickly. Therefore, first aid ear drops are an essential addition to any first aid kit. Having quick access to natural ear drops can provide immediate and effective relief where a foreign body has invaded the inner ear. Applying first aid ear drops can quickly expel the foreign particles from the area, eliminating danger and alleviating concern.

How to use natural ear drops

Simply apply natural ear drops as instructed in the manufacturer’s directions that are normally listed on the packaging. Frequency and duration of treatment can vary with each product so take care to follow the instructions as directed.

Potential benefits

There are several potential benefits to applying natural ear drops. These benefits include:

  • The effective removal of ear wax.
  • Where successful they can prevent the need for more invasive treatment methods such as ear syringing.
  • They are a relatively cheap treatment method as opposed to others that your GP may suggest.
  • As a self-care treatment method, they do not require a prescription or regular follow-ups with a GP.

Ear drops Australia

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