Ecostore Goat's Milk Soap 80gr

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Goat's Milk Soap 80gr By Ecostore - Buy Online

Whilst a common item in the shower, soap can often cause havoc on the skin of those members of society who are sensitive to the feel of common soaps found on supermarket shelves. This is often a result of the ingredients contained within soaps breaking down the protective layer of natural oils that the human body possesses to protect the skin.

Ecostore has created a soap alternative that is great for those with sensitive skin. Containing no harmful ingredients, made entirely from plants and minerals, this product will cleanse and soothe the skin without removing the protective barrier of natural oils that we all possess. Using vegetable oils instead of animal fat also gives the added benefit to the consumer of being a cruely-free product that is 100% vegan friendly.

GE, Gluten and Nut and Seed free, this product is also delivered in fully recyclable packaging to ensure a healthier environment.