Ecostore Laundry Liquid Eucalyptus (Bulk) 20L

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Laundry Liquid  Eucalyptus (Bulk) 20L by Ecostore

Ecostore laundry liquid is a whole new revolution in the laundry liquids. Our product is made up of natural components. It contains a major herb ' eucalyptus '. Our product is having a combination of lavender and eucalyptus which make your clothes smell good all day long and will make you feel refreshing. It removes all the stains and bacteria from your clothes. No harmful chemicals are used in it’s production. Some features of our product:

  • Free of chemicals
  • Superior fragrance
  • Removes stains better than powder

Our liquid dissolves in water without creating any mess. It cleans all the chemicals, stains or any type of mark from your clothes. Since it is not dusty, it does not create any allergic reaction while use.


There are many companies in the market of liquid detergent. Our detergent is made from natural products. It will clean all the stubborn marks from your clothes within one wash.clothes will have fragrance of lavender all day long and will remain fresh after wash. Other benefits of our product

  • Safe for your hands
  • Colour care
  • Faster stain removal
  • Better dissolution

Our products can be used both for top load and front load machines. It can be used for both soft water and hard water.