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Ecostore Laundry Powder Lemon 1kg ON SALE

Was: $13.95
Now: $9.95
UN - ES01

Ecostore Laundry Powder 1 kg - Buy Online

Operating with an ethos of delivering products to consumers that are safer on the skin and friendlier to the environment, Ecostore continues to change the landscape by providing high quality goods with higher environmental Benefits than many of their competitors.

Laundry Powder 1kg by Ecostore differs from similar related products by exclusively using plant and mineral based Ingredients. Many other brands insist on using harmful toxic chemicals that are damaging to not only the consumer but the environment as well. By using more naturally-based Ingredients, exposure to chemicals like artificial fragrances, phosphates and optical whiteners are significantly reduced. The result being that this product is not only great for your clothes but that it is also kinder to your skin and a safe option for those possessing sensitive skin and allergies.

Super concentrated to maximise use, each package allows for 32 washes demonstrating the great value that this product possesses!