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ELEUTHERO ROOT 50G by Teelixir


Eleuthero Root - The High Performing Superfood

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Reduce Stress, Increase Energy & Endurance


Eleuthero Root, also known as Siberian Ginseng, is one of the best adaptogenic herbs of all time! 

It’s perfect for high performing athletes, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to be on top of their game. Eleuthero helps boost physical strength and energy, increases endurance and stamina, promotes fast recovery, boosts performance, and reduces stress.

Teelixir Eleuthero root Siberian Ginseng Health Benefits

Benefits of Eleuthero Root

  • Energy
  • Stress Relief
  • Brain
  • Lungs
  • Heart
  • Kidneys
  • Liver
  • Spleen
  • Immunity
  • Fitness
  • Performance


Eleuthero root is one of the best adaptogenic herbs in the world. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Eleuthero is a superstar tonic herb that supports all three treasures- Jing, Chi, and Shen, and thereby supporting and nourishing the Kidneys, Spleen, and Heart. It's also a powerful immune system modulator that effectively builds and supports our body’s defense system.

Eleuthero root provides an abundance of immediate and long-term energy to the body.

Eleuthero reduces stress

Eleuthero is one of the best adaptogenic substances in the world. It can be beneficial for anyone under severe stress or facing a situation where they need to think clearly, make fast decisions, or perform at a high level. It works to improve mental alertness, brain power, and cognition.

Many of its benefits are derived from its unique chemical compounds known as eleutherosides. These potent saponins help improve the functioning of the nervous and endocrine system so we can continue to adapt and perform at our highest level under any condition.

Excessive stress can often damage the nervous and endocrine system in the body and lead to exhaustion. However, regular use of Eleuthero root has shown to protect and support the adrenals (Jing) in response to stress and help alleviate any kind of mental and physical exhaustion from occurring.

Eleuthero root works to increase respiratory power by improving the body’s ability to absorb and efficiently use oxygen. Russian cosmonauts use Eleuthero for this reason, as well as high elevation mountain climbers to help acclimate to high-altitude environments.

Eleuthero boosts Chi energy and digestion

Eleuthero is traditionally used to strengthen Chi (Qi) and support the spleen system. The Spleen is responsible for transforming energy in the body from the air, food, and water we ingest.

Eleuthero is perfect for anyone who works long shift hours, gets inadequate sleep and nutrition, students pulling ”all-nighters”, or anyone suffering side effects as a result of excess exertion. Regular consumption will likely make you feel better, recover faster, and perform better.


Teelixir Wild Nettle root Vegan

What's in it?

Ingredients: Wild Eleuthero Root 10:1 Extract Powder*

* 100% sustainably wildcrafted Eleuthero root. No added grains, fillers, preservatives, salt, sugar, or starch.

Healthy Dose

We recommend starting with 1/2 tsp per day. If you know you are sensitive to herbs, you may want to start with 1/4 tsp. When your body feels ready, you can increase your dosage according to your needs and daily requirements. It is very safe to consume in high doses.