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Essential Hemp Organic Hemp Flour 1kg


Essential Hemp Organic Hemp Flour 1kg

Organic Hemp Flour (or hemp fibre flour or hemp bran) is 100% produced in an Australian Hemp Foods Factory and is certified organic.

Note: this is not hemp protein powder.

This high quality fibre is made in Australia using NO heat or chemicals (unlike some Canadian Hemp Protein that uses heat and/or chemicals to extract the protein). Our process is a patent pending, unique mechanical process.


Naturally free from gluten, peanuts, treenuts or sesame seeds but traces may be present due to the manufacturing process.


100% GMO-free Certified Organic Hemp Flour

Dose & Administration:

A recommended daily serving size of Hemp Flour is 28gm or approximately 2 x metric 20ml tablespoons

Storage Conditions:

Store in a cool dry place.
Refrigerate after opening.