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Flordis Prospan Chesty Cough Relief Soft Lozenges x 20 Pack


Flordis Prospan Chesty Cough Relief Soft Lozenges x 20 Pack


Reliable relief from a chesty cough is now available in convenient, easy-to-take and great-tasting soft lozenges. 

When you lead a busy life, the last thing you need is a chesty cough holding you back. For on-the-go, reliable relief, choose Prospan lozenges, the chesty cough medicine that’s easy to take. The non-drowsy, sugar-free, chewable lozenges are great-tasting, and suitable for adults and children from 6 years of age.


Loosens & clears mucus: May help you cough less frequently and more effectively.
Relieves congestion: May help to thin and break up chest mucus so that it’s easier to clear your airways during a cough due to a cold.
Soothes airways: May assist in soothing the chest by opening and calming the airways associated with a chesty cough due to a cold.



Each chewable lozenge contains:


Hedera helix (EA 575) extract

     equiv. to 163mg dry leaf


Contains sorbitol and potassium sorbate. Products containing sorbitol may have a laxative effect or cause diarrhoea.