Foaming Hand Wash (Refill) Grapefruit & Mint 500 ml By Ecostore

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Foaming Hand Wash (Refill) Grapefruit & Mint 500 ml By Ecostore  - Buy Online

Foaming Hand Wash (Refill) Grapefruit & Mint 500 ml By Ecostore 


Possessing an attractive grapefruit and mint smell, Foaming Hand Wash by Ecostore is made entirely from plant-based ingredients that help protect against damage to the natural oils that your skin possesses. Keeping your hands from feeling dry and irritated, this product will instead leave it feeling soft and clean and this is all due to the company’s manufacturing ethos. Where other mainstream body care products continue to use harmful chemicals, this company’s commitment to using purely plant or mineral based ingredients is good news to the consumer!

With a desire to also limit the damage to the environment, all products created by this company are bottled in a manner that ensures maximum recyclability. By providing the marketplace with the ability to refill older purchased bottles, the carbon footprint that Ecostore leaves behind is even further reduced!   

Determined to offer the consumer healthier options for their bathroom and body care needs, Ecostore offers many products for purchase at Buy Organics Online.