Fragrance Free Dish Wash Liquid - Ultra Sensitive 500ml By Ecostore

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Ecostore Dish Wash Liquid 500 ml - Buy Online

Fragrance Free Dish Wash Liquid - Ultra Sensitive 500ml By Ecostore

With a strong focus on the health of the individual as well as the environment, Ecostore has developed a loyal following within the online community. Operating out of Auckland, New Zealand Ecostore is determined to produce quality products that utilise plant and mineral based ingredients whilst avoiding harmful toxic chemicals. Additionally, their focus is on reducing unnecessary waste and therefore packaging is created with the health of the environment firmly in mind.

Utilising plant-based ingredients, mineral salts and essential oils, Dishwashing Liquid by Ecostore cuts through dirt and grease effectively whilst remaining gentle on the hands. Stored in a 500ml fully recyclable container, this product provides sparkling results time after time leaving your dishes and cutlery looking good as new. With a focus on providing a product that is safe for use for the family whilst also being good for the environment, Ecostore’s Dishwashing Liquid is an essential product for the environmentally-conscious family.

Consider adding this and other Ecostore Australia products under your sink today!