Fragrance Free Hand Wash 250ml By Ecostore

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Fragrance Free Hand Wash 250ml By Ecostore - Buy Online

It is a fundamental task of human existence to wash your hands thoroughly after going to the toilet, cleaning, cooking, playing and undertaking a range of everyday activities. As mundane a chore as this usually is, for many this can be a frustrating exercise since many mainstream hand wash products leave the skin feeling coarse and dry. This is often the result of the harmful chemicals residing in many popular products residing on supermarket shelves.

Hand wash 250ml by Ecostore minimizes the frustration experienced by many by creating a product that is devoid of harmful chemicals. Made entirely from plant-based ingredients, it is vegan-friendly, GE free and cruelty free. The fusion of healthy ingredients leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh. Package in a renewable sugarcane container it is also 100% recyclable so not only is it a healthy item for the consumer, but it is healthy for the environment as well!