Fragrance Free Laundry Soaker and Stain Remover 1kg by EcoStore

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Fragrance Free Laundry Soaker and Stain Remover 1kg by EcoStore - Buy Online

Well it was great fun watching the kids play football on a rain-soaked afternoon, but now there is a load of muddy, dirty clothing that needs a wash! Prior to loading into the washing machine, you are going to need to soak and remove the stains and fragrance free laundry soaker and stain remover from Ecostore is the perfect product to do so!

Free of harmful chemicals and possessing only the best plant and mineral based ingredients, this product is entirely suitable for those with sensitives skin and allergies. Independently tested against the more mainstream brands to ensure excellence, this product is super concentrated and contains no bulking agents meaning it delivers great value for money. Stored in a 1kg fully recyclable container, this product will deliver up to 25 washes and due to the environmentally-friendly ingredients contained it is entirely okay to use the wash-water on your gardens and trees. 

Base Ingredients

Sodium Bicarbonate · Sodium Carbonate Peroxide · Sodium Citrate · Sodium Sulphate · Tetraacetyl Ethalinediamine · Sodium Coco Sulphate · Helianthus annuus Oil